The Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

main-qimg-600305d93bfd437634111ee837191700Have you ever gazed at the wide lawn yards of golf grounds in your locality? Ever discussed the depletion of natural resources to maintain such acres of land for the golf game? Do you wonder the massive use of chemicals and pesticides lodged there to make them look beautiful?

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Well, back to the environmental thoughts, here, we take a different look at its positive environmental impacts. You are pretty sure that golf courses are invited by a large population in their community. Golf courses, with its contradicting theory of environmental disasters, can be a lot friendlier to nature too. But, the truth is that nobody realizes the eco-friendly aspects about the lush lands and endless greenery.

A well-managed golf field provides ecological and community benefits. Golf lovers themselves reached the conclusion of maintaining a golf course without disturbing the environmental sanctuary of plants and animals. Despite its recreational hub, golf courses should also protect and value the freedom of plants and animal’s habitat without affecting the ecological balance. Surprisingly, golf courses have many cleansing as well as non-golf, recreational activities, not known to the majority of the population, but it is a mere common sense.

Golf course produces a good amount of fresh air in a clean and cooling atmosphere. At the same time, the place can be utilized for activities like jogging, walking, outing with your love and so on with little curbs. It is not a new fact that the turf grass of the golf courses is an excellent purifier too. They trap the pollutants and restrict its movement to ground water sources. That means, there is no such vast lands that cater the effective clearance of effluent wastes in a huge amount.

Water wastage might be the next concern. Take a different look. The Golf courses of almost all developed countries are beneficial both in economic and environmental terms. They use the recycled water, to keep the lawns freshly moist and thereby gives very important environmental benefits. Hence, not only the golf courses catch up the industrial and residential spills, but it also it utilizes the water to the maximum extent. Now, there are automated irrigation systems like drip and droplet types that will use only a little amount of water to cover an entire area to level the lawn. Researchers are behind the search for new and improved turf variety that are drought resistant.

A golf course is the best way to restore the damaged landfills, converting to a beautiful space. The nature lovers are against the unscrupulous use of pesticides and fertilizers that affect the soil and mineral quality of the place. However, studies have shown that if they are loaded properly, it never leaches into the deeper grounds and creating ground-water pollution. Moreover, techno advances with the turf grass management never allow the soil run-off.

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