Categories Of Patio Covers To Choose

patio-coversEverybody loves to have the best outdoor ambiance as it adds beauty and looks inviting. Maybe that’s the reason the free designs are trending day by day. Whether you pick a magazine or blog, you can’t resist seeing the innovative outdoor designs. Instead of traveling far away to have a relaxed feeling you can achieve the same feel with the help of pation cover.

You can get a wide variety of awnings at a better price in with attractive offers and free shipping. When you have decided to choose a retractable awning, check on the variety of options that are available.

• Umbrellas
You would have seen umbrellas frequently beside the swimming pools since it is weather resistant. It is a temporary solution to keep you safe from the harmful UV rays. Though the look of the umbrellas adds value to your patio, you can’t have them as the only option for overhead protection.

• Fixed Awnings
These have a large metal frame and the fabric attached connected to the frame. The awnings are further fixed to the exterior wall of your house. These canopies cover a large area and are resistant to the wind. See to that you have a slope to shed the excess water through rain. If you live in a place which gets a chiller, then these type of coverage should be taken off and stored for usage when the sunny days starts. In such case, you should leave the frames empty without any covering. This may be a hassle to handle.

• Retractable Rolling Awnings
The average length a retractable rolling awning can reach is 15 feet from the wall. You can make tailor made awnings to fit for larger areas, but there would be no durability whether it would be the wind and water-resistant. To avoid such problems, you should try to reduce the length of the protection, raise the slope. The other simpler solution would be to keep looking for a change in weather. If there is a possibility wind or rain, then retract the awnings, so it lasts longer.

• Shade Sails
These shades will be of the triangle shape and should be suspended between durable posts with the help of supporting wires. The shades come in varies sizes and colors allowing coordinating with the color and pattern of your house. Since it is triangular in shape, you may need multiple awnings to cover the desired coverage. Once they are fixed, you need not remove them until the season changes. You need not worry about wind or rain, as it stays stable when compared to the retractable rolling awnings.

• Retractable Canopies and Cable suspension systems
Sunshades with cable suspension have been there for several years. With modern advancements, it has improved a lot from a design perspective. Cables suspended awnings are used in places where the possibility of rain is less. It has multiple panel systems, which can be installed along with a full frame, which has more coverage. See to that it has a slope for the rainwater to drain.

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